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How It Works

Find wala is a lost and found platform.It helps people find their lost/missing/snatched things from all over the world. Users can report about their lost things and also found things, on the site to help return it to the owner. The lost and found things can be of any category for example mobiles, laptops, documents, persons, electronics, vehicles, pets, jewellery, accessories and any other category.

Lost or Found?

If you want to get your lost thing back or report it, so other people can know about it. Or if you find anything, anywhere in the world, and you want to return it the owner. Or you see anything somewhere which seems to be lost by the owner and you want to help the owner to get it back. Then Findwala is the right platform for you.

Post an Ad is the place to report such lost and found things. Create an account at Post an ad about your lost/found thing. Put proper details about the lost/found thing/person etc while filling the post form, so that its easier for other people to find it at The post is by default pending. Findwala team reviews the post and approves it. The post becomes live for visitors.

Connect with people

Site Visotors can view the post and contact you if needed. Findwala also has social share options. The post can be shared on facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and pinterest. Sharing on social media makes the post to reach more number of people, which increases the chances to reach the post to related person. The post reaches the related person and he/she can contact the post owner. The report person and the related person can make sure the lost/found thing reaches the real owner. Kindly note its the duty of the report person to verify the belonging of the lost/found thing. is not responsible for verifying the belongings. Findwala just gives you a platform.

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